Friday, September 30, 2016

Cute pics of my siblings

So I was trying to find a new wallpaper and I uploaded one and it was an ADORABLE pic of Shi ( he is in a few of my selfies ) and I thought this would be a great idea for a post! So here is my favorite pic of me and Shiloh..
Image result for nikki james photography
I think this is so cute and it also was like a photo of the week or
something like that. Here is my favorite pic of me and Georgia
Best pet store ever! Worth the 45 min drive 😂

Ivy is

Heading home 💕
Apparently I could not find a pic of me and Ivy together so this is the next best thing!! I hope you like these pics! Bye!

Lazy morning

So I am posting this cause i'm feeling really lazy this morning ( or afternoon ), cause we have stayed home all day and this is baby Ivy's first morning here so we can't really go anywhere so this is basically what I look like today...
Bed head and PJs thats it!
So I have recently been watching " Tree house Masters " and in about 6 months Grace Vanderwaal will be on!!!!!! And I have been reading how to increase traffic to your blog but if you guys have any other tips PLEASE comment. I hope you really liked my DIY posts cause I really did and I am definetly going to do more of them and I am thinking about doing a clay post! No that is not a link just some pretty colors! But if you DO want a link click on this hopefully I have not posted this but i'm really sorry if I have. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

DIY make a galaxy notebook cover

So today I have decided to do another DIY, I really liked my last one here and since I am really into galaxy ( as you can see on my template ) I thought this would be a really good idea! So anyway you will need black paint, pink paint, purple paint, a paintbrush sponge, white paint and a plastic glove. So first use the sponge brush and just paint your note book all black and then do some dabs of purple, blue and pink. Now take a paintbrush ( I use a small one ) and do a little bit of orange dots. Now put on the plastic glove on your hand and dab a little bit of white paint on it and just flick it on to the notebook and you have a galaxy notebook!Image result for galaxy paper notebook
Here is some inspiration if you need some. I hope you like this! Bye!!!!!!!!

Hospital video

So today ( actually VERY soon ) I will be going to hospital to take a video of Ivy, Georgia, Shiloh and I will go to the hospital to take some video or something like that with baby Ivy! Hopefully it will not take long and we can be done ASAP. So I also read this thing ( remember this, I was really bored ) and it says if you drink only water for 30 days your mental power will strengthen and your bones and heart will too! And Of course, I am going to try it because I want healthy body parts!
Image result for galaxy picturesOkay so anyway I need to get ready so bye! Please follow!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The hospital

Today I went to the hospital and saw baby Ivy.
Our sweet baby Ivy 🌿 She is perfect.
This is what she looks like. My Mom took this picture and suprisingly the lighting is AMAZING! And yes, I finally was able to get this pic of Ivy. Here is another one.
Good morning world. I'm Ivy James and my parents can't decide on a middle name!  I was born at 7:54AM with a full head of dark hair, 8 pounds 5 ounces, 21-inches long. My parents are in love. I hear my siblings are too.
She is adorable! So I know this is an extremely short post but I pretty much posted because I wanted to show you the adorable pics but bye! Please follow me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


So I am at the Forteners house and I have some HUGE news.... My Mom had a BABY!!!!!!! And the reason I am at the Fortener's because they are watching me for 3 whole nights!!!
My sister's name is Ivy and sadly we have no middle name decided yet.
But I know there are 3 middle names my Mom likes and one of them will be IVY'S name! It is between Rose, Jewel or Belle. Personally, I LOVE Belle! I have a few pics of Ivy but... Sadly I can't get any:( but let me try.
Nope Just a BEAUTIFUL sunset! 
Now please remember to follow me and like this post ( it's really small but it is there ) BYE!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Kawaii brush holder

So I am FINALLY going to do my DIY post! You will need:

  • An old mason jar
  • Acrylic paints
So first, Paint the mason jar white then paint on black circles for the eyes ( do this AFTER the white has dried ) and put 2 small white circles inside the black circles ( this will give it a kawaii look ) now paint on a mustache for the mouth and ta - da you have a brush holder!!!! I got this idea from Nim C and her website is called kawaii spirits

That is how mine turned out! I will definetly be doing more DIYs! Please follow! Bye!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Apple picking

Today we went to an apple orchard to pick apples and in about in hour we are making apple pie! Well right now my computer is not working because my sister slammed my laptop shut ( for some reason it's like overly sensitive ). Anyway while we were there this REALLY rude lady was acting all weird about the apples
and when we went out to the orchard...... no apples literally in 20 minutes we had 5 and they were not even that good! And then the manager said " well there are more by the lake but there not very good " well we went over there there were TONS and they looked amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you old man!!!!
The problem with selfie lighting am I right?
And now we are going to get ingredients for the pie and here is a tutorial for the pie we are making!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Grant Park

So today I went to Grant Park with Mia, Kayden, Adam, Emiline and Hudson! And I finally went to Whamy land! AKA the woods behind the porta potty. And I recently found a singer that I LOVE her name is Christina Grimmie and here is one of her songs
Can't wait for season 11 of the voice! So at Grant Park I actually nearly stepped on a snake! I actually did not scream! We humored the little kids and played duck duck goose but when we finally convinced them to play Red Rover.... there were tears. Apparently the little kids kept getting hit in the face ( accidentally )!
We are going to your house Addy!  BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sunday, September 18, 2016

First day back in our old church!

So hello! I just want to say I now have a way for people to follow me! Witch then hopefully I may be able to get more readers! And today is our first Sunday and we are going back to our old church! And Mia, if you are reading this my Mom suggested to make more money I might sell my AG dolls!
My freaky haunted house face
Anyway, I had an idea for a post and I thought I could do DIYs! I have been watching  A LOT of videos on them recently and they are really cool. And also I found this awesome YouTube channel here! Bye!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to make your arms " float "

So my friends and I were having a sleepover and we tried this thing and it kinda makes your arms " float " it's REALLY cool! So first you need to stand in a kinda narrow doorway. Then stand with your palms on the sides pressing hard. Stand there for about 1 minute..... move away and see what happens.
Its really cool and you can try it in many different positions!!! And I had an idea that I want suggestions in comment form.... so I would like people to comment and suggest what my next post should be about!
Please comment! Bye!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

THE WINNER ( tonight )

The winner of AGT will be tonight. And I believe you requested this, Mia.
This was her best performance yet! I KNOW she is going to win. Some of you might be wondering ' No Brian's going to win '! Well think what you want but I STRONGLY disagree. It's either her or tape face! He is just SO stinking random that everyone loves him

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The wait is over I'm in Ohio!!!! And to make it even more excited cause the Agt finals are on tonight! Here are 3 things you will need if you are going to watch.

  • First click here
  • Popcorn ( of course )
  • Twitter, you can get lots of opinions there ( just don't read the bad words )

So right now we are at the baby doctor ( taking quite a long time ) and after we are going home to 
do K 12 and after we are going to the Fortener's house! And recently I have been watching piano tutorials and the newest one I have seen are 7 years old and don't let me down. And in case you were interested the 10 remaining acts in AGT are... GRACE VANDERWAAL, Jon Dorenbros, Viktor Kee, Linkin bridge, Brian Justin Crum, the Clairvoyants, Sofie Dossi, Laura Bretan, Sal Valentinetti and Tape Face!
I'm with Daisy!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Another airport post

WE ARE AT THE AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My face and outfit are actually the same:) And we are in the exact same spot as last time!
Mia, I am SUPER excided for our sleep over and I will TRY not to get sick
I'm sorry I just love this video;) And I found this new website and if you would like to check it out click here! Oh the airport lady said we had to get on the plane! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hi!!! Tomarrow we are going to wake up REALLY early to go to Ohio!!!!!!!! I am SUPER excided!! Not excided that i'm waking up early but ecxided that I am going to go to Ohio!!!
I thought this video would be good for this post cause other then reading I HAVE NOTHING TO DO! And i'm probalby going to finish my book on the plane! Mia, do you happen to have the 24 book of cupcake diaries????? Bye!

Friday, September 9, 2016

My favorite ( children ) singers

1. Well thats obvious GRACE VANDERWAAL!
2. Kadie Lynn
3. Calysta Bevier
4. Laura Bretan
5. Anna Christine

Here is a few videos of them
I'm not going to do Grace Vanderwaal because I have pretty much posted every video of
her! Calysta maybe does not count as a child she is 16 but in my opinion she is good enough to be on my children list:) BTW Mia, I looked up Hollyn on YouTube and she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you LOVE my new template ( I do ) Bye!

Coming back to Ohio! ( soon )

I know, I know we are not coming home for a while but I'm SUPER EXCIDED!!!!!!! I am most ecxided because Mia, maybe you could sleep over and we could watch AGT  together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even know I know ( probably ) who wins GRACE VANDERWAAL!!!!
And Addy, if your reading this I am SO EXCIDED TO SEE DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are both really tired


Wednesday, September 7, 2016


So today i'm going to try to type this entire post and I will start with showing you this AWESOME link here! So what you do when you get on is click on the student login in the in the top right corner and create an account! I am on the intermediate level.
Angry faces
Georgia just came over and so i'm going to post the rest of this in  MT. Johanna!!! ( That is the name I have given my fortress/room ). And please check out my new cupcake filling post on my baking blog! And if you do not know where the heck that is click here I also changed my template there! BYE!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dancing ghost experiment

So today I am going to show you an experiment ( Mia, you gave me this idea ) and this one is called ' the dancing ghost ' and here is what you need....

  • A piece of tissue
  • A balloon
  • scissors
  • Your hair ( leave it on your head:) )
  • Spooky music ( optional )
First cut a ghost shape in the tissue and add some eyes to it with a marker. Now blow up your balloon and tie it and rub it trough your for 10 seconds. Slowly bring the balloon near your ' ghost ' and it will begin to rise towards the balloon. If you are using spooky music ( i'm not going to ) it will just be kinda funny!

Found this video it's HILARIOUS!!!!! BYE!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Last Days of Summer

I might be eggsaderating a LITTLE but I mean it's the last days of Summer before the halloween stuff comes out in Target and Publix and stuff like that. Not that i'm not SUPER excited for Halloween but I MISS SUMMER!!! ( quote from adorable little baby ) I wish I could find the video for her but all I could find was this adorable video of adorable bulldogs
bed head:)
Anyway today we are either going to church or the beach oh and BTW I am wearing PJs in this picture. Bye!!!!!!

The Eagles volleyball game

So yesterday we went to a college volleyball game! Women's volleyball in case you were wondering. They also have college basket ball and my Dad said he might take me there in the Winter!
I am SUPER tired
I even cought a shirt one of the cheerleaders threw!!! But one of of my favorite parts was definetly........ the popcorn. You heard me POPCORN. Yep I have an obsession with popcorn and this one was PERFECTO. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!! I know, I know your probably tired of me talking about popcorn so here is another AGT video! Bye!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Boo the dog

Image result for boo the dogSo I thought today I would post about my favorite dog in the UNIVERSE!!!! BOO THE DOG!!!!!!!!!! I know he is just a little pomeranian BUT with the cutest haircut! OH and Mia, if you are reading this THE FORTENERS GOT ANOTHER DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you click here and those are his instagram pics! I believe they are old but that does not mean they are not adorable!!!! BYE!

Friday, September 2, 2016

We went to Pet kingdom!

Hi!! Today we finally went to pet kingdom!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the cutest toy poodle ( a breed not like a stuffed animal ) toy poodles are actually a BREED of dog, any way he was basically a living teddy bear he looked something like thisImage result for toy poodle He was actually a lot smaller than this  and he was like putting his tiny paws up on me... NO CLAWS just pure softness and I could stand there with him ALL day! Now I am going to watch Food network BYE!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

the agt results

So last night I promised I would show you the results from agt and rather then tell you about it why don't I show you! Click on this please It's perfect to see who got eliminated and If you are watching the recap I suggest NOT clicking on this:) Anyway right now I'm taking a break from school to write this and while I am doing it i'm trying to type and it's actually going pretty well!
This video is going to scare you so bad!!!!!!!!! Hope you like my new template! Bye!

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