Sunday, January 29, 2017

1 year anniversary and 200 posts!!

Hi!! Today is very special because today is Life according to Johanna's first Birthday!!!! Also, I have done 200 posts! I can't believe I have been posting for 1 full year! And I think 200 posts is quite a lot of blogging. And some people think blogging is for old people but I just laugh!

A few kids at school make fun of me for blogging ( I would LOVE to mention names but it is rude, so I won't ) and I thought it was silly because I know a lot of kid bloggers including Paris, Baking, Ballet!! 
Some Valentines posts will be up on my DIY blog later today!! Bye guys! Happy Birthday Life according to Johanna!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Facts about Nellie Bly

Hello!!! I bet you are wondering why I am doing this post. Well, it's VERY hard for me to find information on Nellie Bly ( I am doing a research paper on her ) and I thought I would post some facts about her for any other girls that are completely STUCK!!! Anyway, some facts are....

  • She was born in 1864 in Pennsylvania 
  • She went around the world in 72 days
  • She pretended to be insane
  • She married Robert Seaman at age 30
  • Her husband died 9 years after they were married
  • Nellie died in 1922

There are my facts!!! I hope you like these! 
Bye! P.S, I will be doing Valentines day posts soon on my DIY blog.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Clay Lyrics

I don't know why I am doing a lyric post I guess I just feel like it! This is clay by Grace Vanderwaal

You see a girl in the hallway
And then you whisper to your friend
Who is she anyway
You forgot what she looks like in like a day
but your words don't hurt me
I will be OK

Cause you don't hurt me
I won't mold to

Your silly words
I won't live inside your world
Cause your punches and your names
all your jokes and silly games
they don't work
No they don't hurt
watch them just go right through me
Because baby they mean nothing to me

I'm not clay

You see that girl
in the hallway
Smile on her face as she walks away
Trying to tear her down was your first mistake
Cause little did you know she wasn't built to break
Cause you don't hurt me
I won't mold to
Your silly words I won't live inside your world
Cause your punches and your names
All your jokes and silly games
They don't work no they don't hurt
Watch them just go right through me
Because baby they mean nothing to me

Try to change my shape
But baby i'm not clay
Sorry not today
Cause baby i'm not clay

Your silly words
I won't live inside your world
cause your punches and your names
all your jokes and silly games
They don't work
No they don't hurt
Watch them just go right through me
Because they mean nothing to me

I'm not clay


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Earth and Fire pt. 2

Guess what I did!!! Well, I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to because I do not get my glazed mug for 2 days! Well, I guess I could tell you I just could not show you a picture but still, I don't feel like it!😉😉 You will have to wait! I will give you a hint: I DID A PIECE OF POTTERY! Just kidding: It uses purple. There you go! I will show you the choices...

It is eitherImage result for gold and purple mugImage result for galaxy mug

                     This one                                             or         This one


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why I don't like skipping school

Most kids would LOVE LOVE LOVE skipping school but I do not. I am skipping tomorrow and
I don't really want to but I do at the same time!!!  These are reasons I don't like skipping school....

  • I miss art class ( I have missed 3 now )
  • I will miss chapel 
  • I am going to have a TON of make up work

And here are reasons I do like skipping school!

  • I get to spend time with the Forteners!!
  • I get to relax

We are so close to the special thing coming up!!!! Bye!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Things that will be happening soon

I have never been so bored. So.... I am doing this!!!! The odd numbers are the things that WILL be happening soon and evens are things I HOPE will be happening soon.

1. The 100th day of school ( this Wednsday )
2. I will have 4 followers
3. We will be going to Earth and Fire
4. We will get a cat

Soon something very special will be happening on January 29, well really 2 things and I am SUPER excited!!! Oh, and today is national pie day!!! Bye!

Earth and Fire pt. 1

Image result for galaxy mugImage result for black polka dot mugImage result for ombre rainbow mugSo tomorrow we are going to Earth and Fire!! It is a place where you can paint pottery and I have a lot of ideas. Here are a few:Image result for gold and purple mug

Which one should I do?????????? The two I want to do the most are the pastel rainbow and galaxy. I have to go to school bye!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017


No I don't mean the weather there is no such thing as cold in Florida ( my classmates would strongly disagree ) but I mean that I have a cold. In the last post I said my throat was sore and now it's even worse!
We are going to brunch and the beach at my Aunt Elise's house today and I am going to try to feel better so I can go. I kinda wanna put lavender on myself because well, I am probably wrong but maybe it helps with being sick?? I think it is some kind of essential oil. I just hope I will be able to go to school tomorrow!! I made some stickers this morning and I need to give them to Bianca for her business tomorrow! And I can't miss the spelling pretest. One of my words are ' Intelligence ' I mean, it is kinda easy and kinda hard at the same time.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

3 of my new years resolutions

So I know New Years has been over for a LONG time but I have not done a new years resolution post and i'm bored so WHY NOT?

Image result for galaxy
  1.  To get 5 followers by August
  2. To get better at math
  3. Work on chores so I can save up for a bunny ( or cat.... )

Speaking of March I am performing as Nellie Bly in school!! Anyway, today we went to the beach with the Forteners ( they are leaving soon )😭 and the waves were HUGE!!!!!!! Bad news, my throat is sore and not even water is helping and my head has been kinda hurting.  But, more good news  am almost done with the outline of my research paper!
Bye Bye friends!!! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Ok... so gym is not my favorite ( translation: I get hurt every time HELP ) just kidding. But seriously I DO NOT like gym but when we played lacrosse that was kinda fun. And it does help me get 10,000 steps a day. But we have it two times a week and one of those two days we have to run for 10 minutes around the gym. And on the other day we run 5 minutes but I looked at my clock and it was 7 minutes!!! Also, when the girls lose dodge ball to the boys one of the coaches makes us run a lap around the gym. It's not our fault boys are faster AND stronger!! Anyway, there ARE some fun parts about gym... I mentioned the steps and the lacrosse but SOMETIMES we get to do the jump ropes and that is  SUPER SUPER fun! And once we even got to play knockout!! It's a basketball game I like to play at recess and whenever else I can! Bye!! Gym tomorrow!😲

Songs I listen to when I blog

These are some songs that listen to when I blog. Number 2 is actually my new favorite song!

  • Imagination by Shawn Mendes
  • Rockabye Clean Bandit featuring Anne Marie
  • Gossip Girl by Grace Vanderwaal
  • The Greatest by Sia
  • Alone by Hollyn

Those are pretty much all I listen to other than when my Mom plays Justin Beiber and a bunch of other Shawn Mendes songs. Bye!! I'm going to the zoo today!! ( skipping school )😇

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I kinda like em' I mostly don't, especially this one.... We have a spelling pretest today and I am probably not going to get 100 and skip the real test which looks SO fun. Also I have another Bible verse to memorize which can be really hard... But those are the bad things... the good things are.... Today is music!! Ukulele time! I learned to play a D string which is super fun and... yeah! But like most every kid Friday is the best we DON'T have to run 10 minutes around the gym and.... It's pizza day on Friday!! But the best part about Tuesday is News Crew. They apparently call it " FBA Morning news " and it's really fun.
Getting ready for school
So also something I wanted to do a post about but it seemed silly is that I got kinda sorta a fitbit thing!! Here is a picture:
Bye Bye friends!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Top 7 famous blogs

Hello!!! So, I know new years already past but I have a new years resolution... POST MORE!! I mean I am almost at 200 posts and honestly, I wanna get there faster!😊😊🙂

  1.  Sally's baking addiction here
  2.  Euginie Kitchen here
  3. A pink whisk here
  4. 2 Cats and Chloe here
  5. Rosanna Pansino  here
  6. Makely here
  7.  Bakerella here

Video from Dreamworks TV
Bye!! Going to Pet Kingdom today!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Top 4 must read books for all ages

So I am so sorry I have not posted in more than a week but here is a new post! I LOVE reading ( it's not weird peeps ) and these are some books that I love.

1. Why dogs are better than cats: Bradley Trevor Grieve
2. Wonder: Raquel J. Palacio
3. Anne of Green Gables: Lucy Maud Montgomery
4. Falling Up: Shel Silverstein

These books are so good but... number 1 cats and dogs are equal!! Sorry Bradley, but it's true. Bye!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy new year!!

Happy new year peeps!! I stayed up until midnight and I was SO SO disappointed!!😢 And I did not sleep a wink yesterday for a little rest so I was SO tired to. I slept in almost until 8:00! I know it is kinda early but I USUALLY have to wake up at 6:30! So this was a huge accomplishment for me since I NEVER sleep in.
BFFS ( also still a little tired )


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