Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Earth and Fire pt. 2

Guess what I did!!! Well, I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to because I do not get my glazed mug for 2 days! Well, I guess I could tell you I just could not show you a picture but still, I don't feel like it!😉😉 You will have to wait! I will give you a hint: I DID A PIECE OF POTTERY! Just kidding: It uses purple. There you go! I will show you the choices...

It is eitherImage result for gold and purple mugImage result for galaxy mug

                     This one                                             or         This one



  1. You will find out January 29th!!!!!!!

  2. I am almost positive it is:) You just seem like you would:)

  3. Sorry i saw on Instagram:) Your Mom posts a lot!

    1. Darn it!!! How did you see it? I was kinda in the back!

  4. Yeah..... But i promise i will not look too hard


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