Sunday, February 5, 2017

2 Myths about the Super Bowl

Hi! Today is the super bowl which honestly, I don't get very excited about it. I am not the most normal person because I have no idea how to play football and never watch it.  And that is why, my friends, I watched this video⇓
Anyhoo, here are some myths about the super bowl

  • People will wait until halftime to go to the bathroom and sewers get clogged ( DISGUSTING ) I am SO glad it is not true
  • Super bowl fans will eat 14 billion burgers during the game ( not me I don't like burgers )

Unlike most people I will not be screaming happiness when the Patriots win I will be smiling happily that my favorite team won. Wow, I need to watch more football! But I won't bandwagon unlike some people.... BYE!!


  1. I don't like it either so we should FaceTime!

  2. Haha we tried:) Ur mom was putting Ivy to sleep for a while:)

    1. Yep.... and I had to take a shower.

    2. I can ask my Mom when she wakes up:) No homework YES!!!!

    3. OMGOODNESS! We couldn't last night either. Or tonight, because i am with my Dad and brothers while Elle &Mom go on a Mom date. SO i don't have her phone.


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