Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Essential Oils are Good For

My Mom really, I mean REALLY likes essential oils. From On Guard ( putting it on your feet ) to coconut oil ( why do we put that in sandwiches???? ) . I asked her what some were good for and here is what I came up with.

Melaleuca: melaleuca is an oil with a VERY strong smell but it smells kinda nice. You can use it to cure chickenpox, acne, it removes foot odor, it works as insect repellent and removes mold. There are much more uses but these are only a few. But a warning DO NOT put it in your mouth or swallow it. It is very bad for you and can make you VERY sick.

Lavender:  Lavender is one of the most commonly used oils. You can use it for A TON of things including, relaxation, bee stings and bug bites, a burn, dry skin, dandruff, cold sores and, you can even add it to brownies and cookies!

Vanilla: Vanilla has some similar uses as lavender but I think it smells WAY better. It has uses such as... preventing growth of cancer cells, lowers blood pressure, it is relaxing, it soothes burns, you can add it to ice cream ( my favorite use ), you can use it in perfume and much more.

I hope you liked this post! It took a very long time to make and it was really fun. Bye!

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