Wednesday, September 7, 2016


So today i'm going to try to type this entire post and I will start with showing you this AWESOME link here! So what you do when you get on is click on the student login in the in the top right corner and create an account! I am on the intermediate level.
Angry faces
Georgia just came over and so i'm going to post the rest of this in  MT. Johanna!!! ( That is the name I have given my fortress/room ). And please check out my new cupcake filling post on my baking blog! And if you do not know where the heck that is click here I also changed my template there! BYE!!


  1. Try typingclub, for lessons. i DO NOT like typing. com's lessons.
    (i am on lesson 23) i do a lesson a day

  2. That sounded really rood. I WISHHHHHH THEY HAD EMOJIS!


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