Friday, September 9, 2016

My favorite ( children ) singers

1. Well thats obvious GRACE VANDERWAAL!
2. Kadie Lynn
3. Calysta Bevier
4. Laura Bretan
5. Anna Christine

Here is a few videos of them
I'm not going to do Grace Vanderwaal because I have pretty much posted every video of
her! Calysta maybe does not count as a child she is 16 but in my opinion she is good enough to be on my children list:) BTW Mia, I looked up Hollyn on YouTube and she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you LOVE my new template ( I do ) Bye!


  1. Please post Graces vids! I LOVEEEEEE them!

  2. I will post her in the finals of AGT when she goes on!


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