Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer Traveling

I'm going all over the place for Summer. I'm on my trip in Ohio right now and I leave to go back to Florida tomorrow! Airplanes are now a regular thing for me. I used to travel back and forth from Florida to Ohio but since we're moving back i'll probably be flying less. I think the best plane ride I have been on was when we were going to Florida and we had Delta. This was the first plane I had been on that had FREE movies and FREE music. The music wasn't all that great but that's what the radio is for peeps! My Dad wants to take me and my sister to Colorado in July and we don't know where we would stay if we did that. I MIGHT take a coat because my friend told me it snowed there LAST WEEK. If only it had snowed in July then I would have been saying Christmas in July over and over again haha. We move back to Ohio July first ( sad and happy 'bout that ) and I am.... yeah I can't find an emotion that is happy and sad. Wait... wait... HAPPAD! I hope you liked this post! Bye! Link of the Day: Boom.

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