Friday, June 16, 2017

Food Trends of 2017

Am I seriously talking about trends today?! Well, I WAS going to do a product trends post until I found out that fidget spinners aren't even popular anymore! America has realized there mistake and lost their minds at the same time. So, food it is!

This dude is awesome!
  1. Unicorn Frappucino... I have already expressed my feelings on how I feel about this evil drink.
  2. Mermaid toast: Because eating dyed cream cheese makes you cool!!
  3. Unicorn Noodles: Buddy the Elf's fav dish. Is the word unicorn going to be in everything now?
  4. Goth ice cream: okay then... black dyed foods taste REAL strong but ok.
  5. Raindrop cake: Is it jello? Is it cake? Someone enlighten me!
  6. Lady Ga Ga Starbucks drinks: Why.

I hope you loved this post! Gosh darn it, now i'm hungry. Bye! Link of the Day: Here!

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