Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Tomorrow I am getting on a plane! I will probably be able to do an airport post because we will have a lot of time ( flight leaves at noon ) and hopefully, if the airport is smart... there will be a place where dreams comes true! A.K.A... Chick-fil-a, haha. I am sitting next to the boys ( why me?! ) and Georgia is sitting next to my Mom and Ivy. I have a lot of stuff to do and A LOT of books to read. I'm bringing my fidget toys and little heads up: I am trying to make a DIY fidget spinner and if it goes well, i'll post how to make it on my DIY blog! AGT was on last night so get ready for an AGT video craze starting....... NOW.

See you next post! Bye friends! ( Not doing link of the day cause this is my second post of the day ).


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