Saturday, May 27, 2017


I haven't done a lot of posts about my baby sister Ivy so in this post i'm just gonna talk about her! She's will be 8 months old tomorrow and my Mom always buys some flowers and then makes them in the shape of the number of months she turned. I'd say at least half of her 3,892 posts on Instagram have Ivy in them. I really hope when we go to Ohio it's not absolutely FRIGID so she won't get a cold. She was so sick last time☹ Don't tell Georgia but she thinks she was the first one to hold her but I was😎 She was born in room 111 at... one second... 7:30 in the morning on September 27. All of these pics are from my Mom's Instagram and here's a link! And that will not be my link of the day in case you are wondering. Bye! Link of the Day: Click here!

We got a sling so now she can kiss me anytime she wants to 🌿
6 months old and amazing 🥀 So sweet and laid back. Scooting all over, especially if there is a phone or an ipad. Loved her first carrots! Loves being with the action, her favorite spot is right next to the kids. Tries to eat sand and loves hanging out under the umbrella. Our favorite smile is when she shows us her two teeth. It's her special smile, the one she gives when she's really happy to see you. #ivyeverymonth
This is from 2 months ago
Swipe to see the whole mess of 'em 😉

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  1. ADORBS! Her second mother is dying to see her in OH!


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