Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Great American Wax Museum

A few days ago I performed a monologue that I have been memorizing for weeks in chapel at school! I messed up a few times but I think I did really well. I was Nellie Bly. Here is what my monologue said......

Hi there, my name is Elizabeth Cochran but most people know me as Nellie Bly. I was born in Cochran Mills Pennsylvania on May 5, 1864. My parents were named Michael Cochran and Mary Jane Kennedy Cochran. I had four siblings and I was the second born. My father sadly died in 1870, when I was only 6 years old. My mother remarried six years later. My step father was mean and lazy. They divorced when I was 14 and I testified at their trial. I was homeschooled until college and attended Indiana Normal School but did not attend a full year because all of my money ran out. I was hired by the Pittsburgh Dispatch in 1880 but quit to join World Newspaper, which was in New York. In 1887, I was asked to go to Blackwell's Island to sneak into an insane asylum. I stayed there for 10 days pretending o be insane. After, I published a book called " 10 Days in a Madhouse ". In 1889, I had an idea. I asked my boss if I could try to travel around the world and break the fictional character Phileas Phogg's record of 80 days. My boss sai no but I finally convinced him to let me go and I started 2 days later. I found out soon I had a competitor. Her name was Elizabeth Bisland who was a fellow journalist. She was beating me. But soon I eventually pulled ahead and traveled around the world in 72 days! I was exhausted and happy and got a warm welcome home. I quit working for a newspaper to marry my husband Robert L. Seaman. I started working for his manufacturing business after I married him. I invented a milk can and oil drum that is still used today! I took over his business when he died mysteriously in 1904. I went to Austria for vacation and stayed for 5 years to help with World War I. During this time I was the first female war correspondant. I died in 1922 at age 57, on January 27. A lesson you can learn from me is to never give up and take risks.

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