Thursday, September 14, 2017

To Read List

So, i've been working on this for about a week and it's finally done! I made a to read list and it has fifteen books I would like to finish by the end of the year. At the beginning of next year, i'll probably make a new, longer version. But for now, here is my list!

  1. Story Thieves ( ordering tomorrow )
  2. Quicksand Lake
  3. Orphan Island
  4. WishTree ( Not out yet )
  5. A Sliver Of Stardust
  6. The Someday Birds
  7. Beyond the Bright Sea
  8. FoxCraft
  9. Pegasus
  10. Moon Shadow 
  11. DarkStalker
  12. The Menagerie
  13. The Guardian Herd
  14. See You in The Cosmos
  15. Forget Me Not

Welp friends that's it for today! I hope you liked this post! Bye!! Link of the Day: Right here!
He counts the stars and calls them all by name.
Psalm 147:4

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  1. Thats soo creepy.... I just got Beyond The Bright Sea and Orphan Island.. And i just hit the library website up with book requests!!Would you mind if I did a book suggs post? I've been planning it, although I don't want to take away from your blog....


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