Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blog Post Ideas

I am ALWAYS searching for new post ideas and on the airplane I typed up this entry on Google Docs! So i'm just gonna share the list if I can figure out how to copy and paste this new fancy technology. Yeah, can't figure it out. I'll just type it.

Just for fun😊
  • Recipe post
  • Blog post ideas post:)
  • Life hacks post
  • Travel experience
  • Father's day gift ideas
  • My favorite songs
  • 5 weird facts
  • How to organize your ____
  • Ways kids can make money
  • How to clean a fidget spinner
  • Top __ crafts to try
  • My favorite blogs and why
  • Top __ popular restaurants in ___

Please use these! Leave your comments on the one you try and a link and i'll go see it! Bye!! Link of the day: Click those words!

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