Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Look ( for real )

Yep this is Life According to Johanna's new look!!! I really like that it is see through and you can still see the text and the title.  It took me about an hour to do this but I had a good one but it didn't show that I had the AWESOME followers gadget. Mia, I can help you get it but I don't think the dynamic views template works with it. And something special is going to be happening in 29 days!!! I was going to say but my BFF and I want to keep it a secret. Wait Mia, how did you know?!?!?! Oh but I will tell you I will be doing another airport post sometime soon. Well if March counts as soon. Anyway, I am SO excited for Valentine's day! Although it is not exactly the best holiday ever and I really really want the ice cream we are going to have at school... Is that maybe the only reason I am excited? Nah... Is it??
I love this video!!


  1. I hope you don't think i am copying you, but i was going to change mine too! No Joke!

  2. I wanted to do the galaxy backround, but i thought our blogs would totally be twins. Can i? I f not it is okay.

  3. Did you change your discription? It sounds almost the same as mine. But whatever. It doesn't really matter, but if our blogs are the same, it might be confusing. Happy Blogging!


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