Saturday, February 18, 2017

7 facts about Paris

I want to go to Paris SO badly. I have always wanted to visit the bakeries, the Eiffel tower and much more places. Here are 7 facts about my second favorite country.

  1.  Until 2012, there was only one stop sign in Paris
  2. Paris has 830 libraries
  3. There are 173 museums
  4. I hope you like dessert, cause Paris has 1,784 bakeries
  5. There is about 200 places where you can get espresso for 1 Euro
  6. Every tree in Paris is referenced and measured
  7. There are Roman ruins in Paris

I hope you like these fun facts about Paris! Please comment about what you would like my next post to be. Bye!


  1. Lets go to Paris just for the Espressos!

    1. YES. Maybe i'll like it more than the latte I tried in California;)

  2. Haha i thought LA had really good Coffee!


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