Saturday, December 10, 2016

What I did at school today

So this is what I did today... First I got to school and started my bible test. I personally think I did awesome!! Then we had a spelling test and I only missed 1 WORD! After we had language arts and I am almost done with my fantasy kingdom. I will post pictures when it is finished!!
Bed head😸😸

After language arts we had PE and guess who hit a home run... This girl right here. And the bad part I kinda got shoved to the ground by a fourth grader shorter than Georgia... Yeah. After PE we had math ( yuck ) and I am gonna skip ahead to we had grammer!! Yay! After grammer we had lunch and I got a cheese flatbread pizza and french fries. Then... we had RECESS!! And an hour extra boo ya! Then we had science and then it was time to go. Bye!!


  1. Home run?! No joke? You are definitely a girl of MANY talents!

  2. Thank you!!! You should tel; that to the dude who shoved me dowm;)


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