Monday, November 21, 2016

What happens at school

So since it is Thanksgiving break I have SO much more time to post! What happens at school is.. I get to the playground and my Dad drops me off in the car line and I go talk to my friends. I went to the Birthday party yesterday it was so fun! I got her these cool fabric stencils. So anyway, back to school. At 8:00 we go in and start morning work as Ms. Trefz calls it. And then we usually do I think Language arts? I don't really know. My favorite subject is probably either art or LUNCH!!! One bad part about school.... 5th grade has late lunch and like 10 minutes of recess☹. But happy part we DO get a snack. 😋 I sit with 2 boys and a girl ( WHY ME )?!?! Thank GOODNESS I sit with one of my friends or I would lose my mind. Going home is really confusing cause of the car line. Well that is my day!
Oh and BTW... Monday is my new favorite day.😛

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