Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween peeps!! What are you going to be?? Here are some last minute costume ideas

Get a red sweater hoodie and some paper. With the paper cut out 2     3s and and glue to the hoodie. My pastor did this at my church yesterday.

Get a dry erase marker and a white t shirt. Write: error 404... costume not found. It is HILARIOUS.

Cut holes out of a white bed sheet and throw it over yourself. Easy peasy ghost costume!

Blow up a bunch of purple balloons and stick them on your clothes and throw on a green accesory of some kind for some grapes.
So I sat down next to a Frappucino.

Take a plaid top, some jeans and a sun hat and then paint your face like a scarecrow to complete.

Use a pillowcase or paper bag if you don't have a cheap 50 cent Halloween bucket.

 I'm a frappachino!!!
Bye!! Happy Halloween!!!

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