Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My day ( so far )

Hi! Ok so today I woke up SUPER LATE and guess who woke me up. SHILOH!!!!! Him, Georgia and my Dad were putting together a TV and shi baby yelled and woke me up. But after that we went to the hospital to have an ultrasound for baby Ivy! And then we went home and did schoolwork ( not math my Mom or Dad are going to help me with that ). And then we are up to right now, Shiloh, my Mom and Georgia are taking a nap and I'm blogging! When I published this it was 3: 41 PM  . Oh and Mia, do you know when you are coming in December??? Just wanna know in case your coming around my B day, if not I can plan it for another time:)


  1. I will text you the date.
    (no personal info on blog!)

  2. Ok great! I don't like the personal info on blogs either you could get spam or something!

  3. Haha i don't even know what spam is anyway!


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