Saturday, February 27, 2016

We are home!!!

Hello everyone! And hello to Mia!!! We are back to Ohio and the snow is melting to my dismay. Anyway some of my beautiful followers have not seen my cat, so here is a picture of him.
it took me a very long time to get him like this
In case you were wondering his name is Caspian, we are Narnia fans. Right now i'm in my pajamas and it is 11:09 AM. By the way Mia thank you for COMMENTING!!!!!!!!!! On a scale of one to ten for coming home I would say 6. Okey pokey I am going to finish my cooking show. Bye! Save the black rhinos!!



If I could post videos I would. Lately I have been writing some of music on the piano and soon, I will find a way to post videos so you ...