Thursday, June 22, 2017


Can I just say that I can't STAND packing. For the last few days iv'e barely been able to see the floor of my room and we haven't gone anywhere. Partly because of the mosquitoes but mostly packing! And side note, who else loves Grace Vanderwaal's new song?! I listened to it 7 times yesterday and yeah, i'm listening to it right now. 

We leave to Florida in I think 5 days. I'm barely packed peoples. Well, I hope you liked this post😄 Bye! Link of the Day: Seriously, you NEED to click it.


  1. He rips on my dance moves....and they are GOOD!!
    LOL i love it:) And yes, i've listened to it so many times i cannot count:)

    1. Iv'e seen all of Mila's videos and she is hilarious!


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