Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Slime Hacks

I have this post up on my other blog. I don't know why I just like having a somewhat conjoined blog. But it was so hard to do the linking to the other blog it frustrated me SO much. So, without further ado, let's get on with the post!

Hack 1. If you ever get slime on your clothes, you can soak them in vinegar for about 10 minutes or more and then wring them out and the stain will be gone!

Hack 2. Instead of throwing that borax water out, place it into an empty soap dispenser.

Hack 3. How to soften clear slime: Instead of adding lotion just let your slime sit out for about 2 days and it will be super soft!

Hack 4. If you want to make your slime fluffy, but don't have shaving cream, you can use foaming hand soap instead!

Here is some activators you CAN use: Tide laundry detergent, borax contact solution.
Activators you CAN'T use: Any other laundry detergent.

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  1. Just a slimer tip: You can use Tide, but it is a veryyyyy bad activator, it just dries out your slime.

    1. I heard adding lotion or moisturizer can make it soft again but thanks for the tip:) I would use contact solution because it's non-toxic

    2. Another tip: You cannot use foam soap instead, it makes your slime soft, but not nearly as much as shaving cream.

    3. It actually does work. I saw it as a substitute on talisa tosell's channel.


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