Tuesday, May 9, 2017

5th Grade Salute

On Tuesday ( next Tuesday ) I will be performing a life goals, favorite bible verse, basically a summary of 5th grade. Problem is, I have my two favorite dresses, and I have NO IDEA which one to wear. I know, the red dress would be good because it's appropriate and I love it! But, I have a long purple dress that i'm not sure is appropriate but it's one of my favorites. Comment down below which do you think I should wear! I'll let you know in the next couple posts which dress i'm going to wear. Anyway, I am going to be saying my life goals and I put that I would like to be a pianist! And then we had to put our favorite bible verse and mine was Revalations 22:20. Then we were putting our favorite part of 5th grade and I put the Great American Wax Museum ( my Nellie Bly project ). I hope you liked this post! Bye!!

Link of the day: Here!!


  1. I would probably say Culinary Professional, or personal cook/baker. Oh, and i say red dress. It really highlights your hair and pops in a crowd. And if you wore your hair down, and did your nails red, you would look G-L-A-M-O-U-R-O-U-S!!!! The purple one is beautiful, but i is a little bo-ho for this event. Although i would LOVE it, it might be a teeny weeny eeny bit innapropriate. I do not think so, but just being safe. XD!!!

  2. Yay! AND i DO wish i was there to paint your nails like on your birthday :(

  3. Oh, and your photos on Insta were soo cute! U got to hold Ivy! That was my favoirtie

    1. Thanks! She was so cute but tried to back bend out of my arms once!


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