Friday, September 30, 2016

Lazy morning

So I am posting this cause i'm feeling really lazy this morning ( or afternoon ), cause we have stayed home all day and this is baby Ivy's first morning here so we can't really go anywhere so this is basically what I look like today...
Bed head and PJs thats it!
So I have recently been watching " Tree house Masters " and in about 6 months Grace Vanderwaal will be on!!!!!! And I have been reading how to increase traffic to your blog but if you guys have any other tips PLEASE comment. I hope you really liked my DIY posts cause I really did and I am definetly going to do more of them and I am thinking about doing a clay post! No that is not a link just some pretty colors! But if you DO want a link click on this hopefully I have not posted this but i'm really sorry if I have. 


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