Thursday, September 29, 2016

DIY make a galaxy notebook cover

So today I have decided to do another DIY, I really liked my last one here and since I am really into galaxy ( as you can see on my template ) I thought this would be a really good idea! So anyway you will need black paint, pink paint, purple paint, a paintbrush sponge, white paint and a plastic glove. So first use the sponge brush and just paint your note book all black and then do some dabs of purple, blue and pink. Now take a paintbrush ( I use a small one ) and do a little bit of orange dots. Now put on the plastic glove on your hand and dab a little bit of white paint on it and just flick it on to the notebook and you have a galaxy notebook!Image result for galaxy paper notebook
Here is some inspiration if you need some. I hope you like this! Bye!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. So sometimes the paint, when you flick it on it make stringy little lines on the notebook but that is fine.


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