Monday, July 25, 2016

So you think you can dance

Right now we are watching 'So You Think You Can Dance The Next Generation' and Mia, I am doing this post cause I just saw the most amazing ballet dancer!!! We are only on the auditions but they are AWESOME!!! The show makes me want to learn hip hop but I heard that dancing stunts your growth!!! My question is WHY WHY WHY!!! But anyway about that ballet dancer... here's her video

This girl is ONE of the best ballet dancers iv'e ever seen!
That's my face.

Bye guys!!!


  1. O M GOODNESS! sure, i can do that. okay, maybe not. I LOVE THAT SHOW! Oh, and i know that girl. she is AMAZING!

  2. If I had known what it was I MIGHT have auditioned


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