Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I'm sick😢 My throat really hurts ( the popsicle did help though lol ) and my stomach hurts when I walk around or stand for to long. Hey, at least i'm not throwing up! But I got my new book yesterday and OF COURSE I feel a little better after reading it. I also get Warrior Cats either today or tomorrow. I'm almost better but I still have a sore throat and headache. Bye! Link of the Day: Click!!


  1. Shoot. Advice:
    Don't eat any bananas or junk food. REALLY dose not help with your stomach. Eat fruit or fiber bars. Throat: Marshmallows. Eating a couple marshmallows can really help any sore throat.
    Get your mind off of your hurting body. Watch a new movie, listen to music or take a nap. Resting always helps slow down your body and energize white blood cells. (cells that fight infection) Hope you like my suggs:)

    1. Thx! Especially like the marshmallow one;)


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