Sunday, May 28, 2017

Travel Life Hacks

Hello peoples! I am getting on a plane in 4 days and I am definitely going to use these to make traveling easier! Here are my traveling life hacks!

    Place a few dryer sheets in your suitcase to reduce static and make your clothes smell awesome!

                    Bring an empty water bottle and then fill it up after security to save money.

    Even without wi-fi, you can still type on a computer and do a blog post! You'll just have to publish it when                                                           your out of the plane.
                 Get a fragile sticker for your suitcase and it will get placed at the top of the pile.

                           Most planes are cold. Be a smart person and wear a jacket.

Alrighty that's it for my travel hacks blog post! I hope you liked it! Bye!! Link of the day: Here!!

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  1. OH and girl, OHIO is very,extremely warm. I had a cousins grad party yesterday, and i sweating soooo much! It was 80 some degrees, and trust me dont bring your winter wordrobe!!


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