Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I kinda like em' I mostly don't, especially this one.... We have a spelling pretest today and I am probably not going to get 100 and skip the real test which looks SO fun. Also I have another Bible verse to memorize which can be really hard... But those are the bad things... the good things are.... Today is music!! Ukulele time! I learned to play a D string which is super fun and... yeah! But like most every kid Friday is the best we DON'T have to run 10 minutes around the gym and.... It's pizza day on Friday!! But the best part about Tuesday is News Crew. They apparently call it " FBA Morning news " and it's really fun.
Getting ready for school
So also something I wanted to do a post about but it seemed silly is that I got kinda sorta a fitbit thing!! Here is a picture:
Bye Bye friends!!

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