Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy new year!!

Happy new year peeps!! I stayed up until midnight and I was SO SO disappointed!!😢 And I did not sleep a wink yesterday for a little rest so I was SO tired to. I slept in almost until 8:00! I know it is kinda early but I USUALLY have to wake up at 6:30! So this was a huge accomplishment for me since I NEVER sleep in.
BFFS ( also still a little tired )



  1. Happy New Year, Johanna!! You stayed up later than me! Do you have any New Year's resolutions? Things you would like to try? Things you would like to get better at? Have you read all the way through the New Testament ever? Last year I read all the way through the whole Bible. It was awesome! My New Year's resolution is to start cooking more & cooking healthy, delicious food!

    1. I actually considered starting a healthy food blog but I decided I could not keep up with THREE blogs! My new years resolution is to get better at math.


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