Sunday, January 22, 2017


No I don't mean the weather there is no such thing as cold in Florida ( my classmates would strongly disagree ) but I mean that I have a cold. In the last post I said my throat was sore and now it's even worse!
We are going to brunch and the beach at my Aunt Elise's house today and I am going to try to feel better so I can go. I kinda wanna put lavender on myself because well, I am probably wrong but maybe it helps with being sick?? I think it is some kind of essential oil. I just hope I will be able to go to school tomorrow!! I made some stickers this morning and I need to give them to Bianca for her business tomorrow! And I can't miss the spelling pretest. One of my words are ' Intelligence ' I mean, it is kinda easy and kinda hard at the same time.

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