Friday, November 4, 2016

Random things that I think are AWESOME

I was bored, tired and had nothing to so I am going to post things that I think are AWESOME!! So these are a few things I think are amazing.

  • Sloths ( I believe I have mentioned this before ).
  • Kawaii stuff. Click here!
  • The piano. Playing at a coffee shop soon!!
  • Star Darlings. Waiting for new one to come out in January.
  • GRACE VANDERWAAL!!! Facebook ( which is awesome ) here
  • Frosting!!! Awesome and amazing recipe on this
Well I  have about 100 more but I am getting in the shower now ( my hair is begging me:) but, before I do that Georgia is finally doing some posts so here is a link to her blog click me and we are going to see trolls today!! 

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