Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life hacks for tweens

So I have been dying to do another life hacks post and this is perfect for tweens and teens!

  • Use neon nail polish to color the sole of your shoes
  • When freezing ground meat flatten
  • Use nail polish to identify different keys
  • Use a pants hanger to hold up a cookbook. BOOM
  • DO NOT throw away your Starbucks cup: refills are 50 cents
  • Starbucks lids can be used as coasters
  • When you have a sore throat... EAT MARSHMALLOWS
  • Squeeze lemon juice into your shampoo for no frizz hair
Image result for slothsWell those are my life hacks! Did you like them? Please comment! Bye!


  1. These are GREAT ideas! But I don't know how to use a hanger to hold up a cookbook. Can you help me? -Grammy

  2. A pants hanger is what you should use:)


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