Friday, October 7, 2016

The Piano

My dad wishes that he knew how to play an instrument.  When he was a kid, he spent all of his time playing sports - like basketball - and card games - like Gin Rummy.

Now that he's old and his body hurts all of the time, he wishes that he could just play some instruments with my sister and I.  I think secretly he wishes he could sing, too.  :)

Today, he sat down at the piano and I showed him how to play a little tune from a song that he likes.  His eyes basically went crossed and he said, "I could never do that."

Sounds like my dad needs to learn the importance of practice.  If he would just practice the same way he used to practice sports, he could be good.  Maybe.

That is all.
Okay hey it's the REAL Johanna that post was all my Dad but since I could not think of anything to write about so why not publish it? And yes, all of what he wrote is true! Okay I ( or he ) have nothing else to say so bye!

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