Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The wait is over I'm in Ohio!!!! And to make it even more excited cause the Agt finals are on tonight! Here are 3 things you will need if you are going to watch.

  • First click here
  • Popcorn ( of course )
  • Twitter, you can get lots of opinions there ( just don't read the bad words )

So right now we are at the baby doctor ( taking quite a long time ) and after we are going home to 
do K 12 and after we are going to the Fortener's house! And recently I have been watching piano tutorials and the newest one I have seen are 7 years old and don't let me down. And in case you were interested the 10 remaining acts in AGT are... GRACE VANDERWAAL, Jon Dorenbros, Viktor Kee, Linkin bridge, Brian Justin Crum, the Clairvoyants, Sofie Dossi, Laura Bretan, Sal Valentinetti and Tape Face!
I'm with Daisy!

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