Saturday, August 27, 2016


Yes friends this is my first post with my brand new COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no, its not a mac book slightly disapointing but still awesome!
Crazy faces!
I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And please peeps be a dear and click here and look at amazingness!!!!! And I thought the video above would be appropriate for this cause that was kinda my reaction when I found out I was getting a new computer! Bye!!!


  1. Shiloh FINALLY let me take a pic with him lol

  2. I bribed him to let him watch netflix on my computer if he did that:)

  3. I say with Huddy," hey Hudson, wanna take a pic for my blog?"

  4. LOL Shiloh's usually playing the Ipad that boy should NOT play it that much!


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